you know that you have multiples if…

A tribute to all of the mom’s out there with multiples.

  1. …you can explain, in detail, the difference between monozygotic and dizygotic even though you haven’t taken a biology class since high school.
  2. …you understand that there really can be differently gendered identical twins, but it’s so complicated and unlikely that you lie to all and sundry and say it’s impossible.
  3. …you smile and nod when a stranger is trying to convince you that your children are identical, even though they have different eye colors, facial structures and one is three inches taller than the other.
  4. …you did not take your babies hospital bracelets off till they were 7 month old.
  5. …you ever watched your fundal height hit 50cm… or 57cm.
  6. …you ever gained (or lost) 90 lbs in a matter of weeks.
  7. …you refer to singleton pregnancies as “singleton pregnancies.”
  8. …you’ve ever asked someone pregnant with a singleton when she’s due, thinking she’s got at least another 2 months, she says she’s due the next week and you think “gosh, she’s barely showing.”
  9. …you are considered a breastfeeding superstar in your La Leche League group.
  10. …each breast has an assigned baby for the night.
  11. …you’ve heard “double trouble” and “you must have your hands full” more times than you can count.
  12. …your standard answer of “I don’t know what it is like to have one” can be spouted off to a variety of comments you get about having twins, without too much of a thought

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  • michelle - Oh my gosh Shannon. Nope! No announcement from me! We are so done. 🙂 Our family is plenty big enough.

  • Shannon Pratt - This is funny Michelle, I had to go back and read at the top, I thought maybe you were making an announcement 🙂

  • amanda - ha! you make me laugh!