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There are so many sessions that haven’t been blogged because things got too busy so I am doing a few at a time to try to catch up.  Session dates are all full now until mid January except for just a couple of dates for newborns.  If you or someone you know is having a baby in the next few months it is probably best to give me a call to book your date.  🙂

These three little ones are bundles of energy and weren’t easy to catch but when Mom saw them she said it is amazing how I caught each of their personalities in their images when I was only with them for a short time.  I love that and it is part of the reason that I love to shoot in my clients homes or outside.  The kids are always so much more comfortable and it is so easy to capture their true personalities.

I guess if you want to look on the bright side, which I always do, is that by blogging late I can show more pictures since the parents have already seen them.  Now I am not spoiling the surprise.

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  • amanda andrews - cute cute cute! love this style!

  • Kate - Looks like such a fun time! What fabulous captures.

  • Sarah - These are wonderful. Such gorgeous insights into the everyday made beautiful…unforgetable.

  • patti m - what I would give to have you come and do some of these for my family! Michelle they are gorgeous! I love the details and personalities captured! beautifuL!

  • Jackie Jean - Your work is beautiful and these images are just perfect! It looks like these kids had a lot of fun 🙂

  • Kelsey - These are so cute! Nice job!

  • Chelsey - These are adorable! And I couldn’t agree more that each child’s personality clearly shines through … a testament to your work for sure!

  • Carolina Gonzalez - Love your clean crisp captures 🙂

  • Mandy Leonards - Michelle.. These are gorgeous! I love your captures. I feel like I am right there in the moment:)