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For a few years now I’ve wanted to complete a project 365. Basically, a photo per day for 365 days in a row. As much as I’ve wanted to do this, I’ve never completed more than 5 days in a row – and that’s an over estimate I’m sure.  Last year  I was hugely inspired by my friend Lindsay.  She did it. Every. single. day. She did it. Now, she gets to create an album of her children that will include 365 time stopping photos. Imagine how wonderful that would be?

So… I’m  inspired again this year by Linday and also by Project Life 365.  I keep seeing it popping up all over the place.  There is a list of challenges posted each week to help to get you going – to get the juices flowing I guess.  I did take a photo on the first day.  And then I didn’t on the next day, or the next, or the next.  Today I decided to try again so I tried to complete a few days at one time.  That’s better than nothing right?  I haven’t decided yet how I would like to go about this because ultimately I would love for my kiddo’s to be the subject of the Project.  Sadly, they may not agree to that – and how exciting would photos of boys playing video games be?  I wish I’d started this years ago when there were a zillion cute moments going on every minute of every day.  But, I know that in a few years when I look back, boys playing video games will probably make me happy because they are here now and I love them.

I’m hoping to do it.  That’s all I can say right now.  How will I approach it?  I’m not sure.  There may be different rules for every day.  For now, here is my first photo for the challenge “resolution”.  This is a big one for me.  I’m a self proclaimed workaholic.  I’ve learned in the last year that it doesn’t necessarily make me happy even though I love it.  It makes no sense to me but it is what it is right?  After some long discussions with myself – and finally with Terry (my other half), I’ve decided to scale work back a little bit – work smarter while I am working and leave work alone when I’m not working.  So far so good.  So far… happy.  That’s all I’m wanting this year… more happy, which is what is inside me anyways.  It’s not always what shows on the outside though.  Happy not with more, but with what I have right now.  My family, health, love.. the important things. Yesterday I cooked all day.  I LOVED it because I let my mind stay off my work and just enjoyed the day.  Pumpkin Granola Bars, Cilantro Lime Crockpot Chicken, Apple Crisp… Yum.

If you decide to join project life 365 or do your own 365 project independently and you are going to document it please let me know!  I’d love to follow your progress.  Post your link in the comment section below… and good luck.

Resolution project 365 life


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  • jennifer armstrong - i LOVE that you posted a vw for your work less, play more post. I bought a new/old westy this time last year & it made my work life way more playful. I feel a little i’ve been reborn into my 20’s, except this time i’m all grown up. Your words are honest, clear, & that is so inspiring. Enjoy the journey, my friend! I’ll pop in here now & then for a visit. :O)