wordless wednesday { calgary photographer }


Apparently wordless wednesdays and I are having some conflict because I have a hard time posting without words so just pretend you didn’t read this ok?  Calgary seems to have a baby boom in January and February and believe it or not, if you are having a baby and are wanting to book a session it is time to start thinking about booking.  Newborn portraits are best done before the baby is 10 days old and because I come right to you, it’s easy!

Newborn sessions are my favorite and in amidst the fall family sessions I start to miss these little bundles.  Each session is catered to you and your baby.  If your baby sleeps the whole time and is happily nestled in to the warmth of my props then your session will go quickly.  If your baby loves you so much and just wants to cuddle, so be it.  If I love your baby so much and just want to cuddle so be it, seriously, I’m not kidding, I usually manage to get some cuddling in while I am there.  If you want to sit and watch your little miracle be a star you are welcome to but if you want to lay back with a book or have a hot interrupted meal that is fine too.  See, easy, relaxing and an amazing way to capture all of those tiny little newborn quirks that disappear so quickly.

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  • Jaidean Baker - lol…that’s a lot of words for wordless Wednesday! 🙂 Adorable picture though…he looks so tiny!