Winter Portrait Fun…

We have had so much snow in the past couple of weeks I decided I needed to embrace it instead of just wish it all away.  I had booked a family session for late March hoping for warmth and colorful Inglewood backgrounds but when the day broke with a ton of snow I was just a little disappointed.  Who wouldn’t be, that wasn’t the plan right?  I spoke on the phone with Natasha and we rescheduled the session.  I was just starting to cozy up for a snow day with the kids when the wind died down and I saw the beauty and freshness of the new snow…

I called Natasha back with the suggestion that we just change our way of thinking and head out to do a family photography session in the Calgary snow.  I grabbed a carrot from the fridge – hoping to have them build a huge snowman at Spruce Meadows – and headed out the door.

The snowman didn’t happen because the snow wasn’t quite sticky enough but their boys had a blast with the exception of the littlest one who seemed a little unsure of the snow and cold and of my big camera.  We had fun and the session was different so it was a breath of fresh air for me as well.  Their spring session will be done when the weather is warmer and they get back from their warm weather trip. 

Just a few….


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  • Anthony Chan - Love the energy and how you captured so much of their personality. =) Thanks for sharing!

  • laurie - these are so great!

  • Carrie Young - oh man! that looks like so much fun! 😀

  • Shannon - what a fun session! Dad’s face is priceless and I love the b/w of the boys in the snow!

  • Jane Eaton Hamilton - What fun images. They will remember this day forever.

  • Natasha Whiteley - oh these are awesome!