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Ok, so maybe not actually Calgary… just south of Calgary.  I threw on my snow clothes, grabbed my camera and headed out the door one morning last week on a “just for me” photo excursion.  I had no idea where I was going but started out in Fish Creek Park.  I was hoping for sun but it disappeared as I was driving in to the park so after I took a few pictures I packed everything back in to the van, put it in to drive, picked up my Mickey Mouse travel mug and happily sipped away while I drove towards the sun.  Sadly, I never did find the sun but I discovered some beautiful countryside that I hadn’t seen before.  The snow covered driveways in to the acreages were all lined with frost covered trees and the horses had a light dusting of snow over their backs.  It was so beautiful I could have stayed out day.

I drove down into the river valley and watched the geese swimming in the river.  I was surprised to see them, even though I know that some of them stay over the winter.  The river had ice along the sides and pieces floating down the middle and the geese actually looked stationary in the water as they swam.  Obviously their little flippers were paddling like crazy underneath the surface as the water was still flowing.  I stood in the silence and watched them for a while and then carried on.

I drove through Priddis, Millarville, DeWinton and Heritage Point and along the road the goes by the Cotton Woods Country club as well as Kayben Farms.  It was all so pretty.  I was thankful for my all wheel drive though, I’m not sure I would have made it up some of those hills without it!  The only reason I headed back home in the early afternoon was because my gas tank was getting scarily empty. The day was wonderful, it felt like a big hug, maybe even better.  The much needed break and beauty did wonders for my soul.

Just a few from my day.  They didn’t come out as I hoped as the sun barely made a peek through the clouds but they are special to me… just because.

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  • Jenelle Quigley - I’ve always been intrigued by the circle of trees on Dunbow, we go along there to my sister-in-law’s place… pretty…..would love to sit right in the centre someday! So often we drive along in a rush so it’s nice to go out when you have the time to really enjoy and take it all in.

  • Jacquie - Love the pictures – especially the first one. Glad you had a nice day.

  • michelle - That is so funny Shannon! Isn’t it beautiful? I would just about give anything to live in that area. sigh.

  • Shannon - Michelle! I did the exact same thing last week, but didn’t get images even remotely as nice as yours. Even our trek was similar; the Kayben Farms road, down Dunbow by Cottonwood. Freaky. lol. Beautiful shots!!