Why shooting photographer friends is so much fun…

Ok, so maybe I didn’t really “shoot” her, technically. I photographed her. My friend Jodi and I spent the day together on Friday with all of her children and some of mine. We had the best day ever. She drove from Lacombe and as soon as she got here we headed to Inglewood to get some maternity pictures with her and her rockstar daughters. They wore the coolest outfits complete with dangly earrings and sunglasses. Jodi wanted some fun pictures that would capture her relationship with the girls before they welcome their new baby brother in June.

We had so much fun just hanging out and trying different things while using both of our creative brains and got some great shots! This is why it is so fun to shoot with a friend who is a photographer too. Check out Jodi Getz Photography (in Lacombe) if you live in that area!



Isn’t she just so beautiful?


Our goal on this one was to capture the reflection in the window behind Jodi, however, but, as soon as I saw the reflection of the sun I kind of got a little bit sidetracked playing with that instead.



Try telling 3 little girls that they can’t actually drink that yummy shake until they’ve all had a turn getting their picture taken while it is still full and has the cherry on top. They were all too cute.bimg_0798.jpg

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