watching them grow…

I admit that there are days that I wish away and I know one day I will wish for them back.  That is what I was thinking this morning Adam was sitting on my knee having a cuddle and enjoying every moment of it.  We were chatting and I told him he is getting to be such a big boy.  He loves being called a big boy but today he said “yes, me a big boy, me a little boy too”.  I think even he is realizing that he barely fits in my arms any more.  I loved hearing those words but at the same time I got a sick butterfly feeling in my stomach.  I know I’ll miss this and when I’m snuggling or reading or he is laying on my tummy at bedtime I am treasuring every moment.

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  • Natalie - I love the contrast between the white snow and the colorful ballons. These would look great in my playroom!! 🙂

  • Julie Ranee - Love the burst of color with those balloons! These are so fun! I get those same feelings with my youngest. They are growing up too fast.

  • Natasha Whiteley - those are beautiful captures!

  • Carrie Young - What great colours against the snow Michelle. I know how you feel. My youngest heads off to school full-time this year? Where did that time go?

  • Chelsey - I love these! And I wouldn’t want to forget these days either… glad he’s still a snuggler for ya 😉

  • amanda andrews - these are sooo fun! love them!

  • Cheryl Johnson - i know exactly what you mean – mine are so big now its scarey. fab colour.

  • Jane Eaton Hamilton - I always LOVE your work. I love these sooo much. The graphic white of the snow just sets off all that colour, and honestly, I’ve never seen it done before. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

  • Jayme Tighe - Love these Michelle! What a great way to capture an unbelievable time in your son’s life!

  • kristen - michelle i totally agree. …although Liv (Olivia) is only 15months i find it so hard how time is passing SO FAST. …it’s such a bitter-sweet. i miss the cuddley-mushy little 2days old baby girl she was, but LOVE this fun and interactive age that she is now…
    who knew motherhood would be a constant ‘tummy flip-flop’ kinda feeling…
    GREAT photos by the way. 🙂
    we are STILL cherishing the photos you took of our NOT so little girl at 3+ months!!!! THANK YOU TONS.

  • Kim - Michelle, I love these shots. The balloons are a fabulous touch. Great job.

  • Megan - I know just how you feel..I feel that way about my little Pip too..and she says something similar to Adam..she always tell me..she’s my “big girl, baby girl” and hate…they just need to stay small. I love these pictures of him…love the bright balloons against the white snow..and it looks like he’s having a ball…

  • Shannon S - Lovely — love the colors against the snow. YOu are so much braver then I, I need to venture outside more in the winter.


  • Shannon S - Lovely — love the colors against the snow. YOu are so much braver then I, I need to venture outside more in the winter.