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  • Zoe Berkovic - OMG! I love this image!!

  • Shelley Weber - haha I love this one! I get that face too when I have had enough of

  • Terry McKaig - Omgosh………this is precious!! Great capture Michelle!

  • Natasha Whiteley - oh heck, that is beyond cute! love everything!!!

  • Jessi - Oh…that is too cute!!

  • kim burnham - oh how I love this! great capture michelle!! Now, I’d love to know what you said to get such a look:)

  • Chelsey - Geesh! Stop upsetting the models! The orange soda clearly wasn’t what he was bargaining for 😉 haha – love it Mich!

  • amanda andrews - oh that is awesome!!! totally made me smile!

  • Janine Guidera - lol, LOVE it. I get that face all the time, but it works so much better for you!

  • Jacquie - Oh… I know that face and love it!! It’s so him.
    What a perfect picture!

  • Shannon - Oh that is just priceless. I wish I had a spot with that car — and boy that face!!

  • Cheryl Johnson - oh bless him – I know how he feels, the picture is stunning nonetheless 🙂