Vega and Felix | calgary baby photographer

I can’t help but smile when I think of this session.  I arrived to see the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen and was so excited to start shooting.  Well… that didn’t happen.  Felix and Vega had a different idea as they weren’t impressed to see me and my big camera.  I took the laid back approach and sat out of sight for a bit while they had a snack and then I crouched down near their high chairs and sort of ignored them for a few moments, except for the odd smile and peek at them.  They got used to having me around and started so grin a little bit.  Vega, just enough for me to get a peek at her teeny little new bottom teeth.  Within moments they were fairly happy to be having their pictures taken and we had a great time.

Thank goodness for Mom, Dad and the Nanny though!  I’m not sure what I would have done without them.  I asked them to step out of sight at one point with both babies left behind on the bed – so I could get them both looking at the camera.  I think I spent most of the time trying to keep them in the centre of the bed.  They were either crawling for my camera, the cat, or the toy I was holding.  It was so much fun though!

They have such great expressions don’t they?

This last one cracks me up.  I didn’t pose Felix that way, he did it all on his own.  So sweet.

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  • Terry McKaig - Love the way your captured their innocence. Stunning eyes too!!

  • Shari - Wow…hard to believe that the babies are getting cuter…not possible!!! Love the photos and can’t wait to squeeze them babies again! : )

  • Alex - Thanks Michelle, love the pic’s of my two adorable babies. You’ve captured a special moment to look back on for a lifetime.

  • michelle - oh my!!! felix and vega are sooooo cute.i love all the pictures..great job MICHELLE:)

  • Ardis - These are the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Your photos are amazing!

  • Kristy Ingarfield - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! You should submit these to a advertising company.
    I would love to have Michelle come to our house to photograph my girls! Hope to see you soon.

  • Daiana Sioui - Couple of cutie pies! Great Pictures

  • Joelle - Love the pictures and of course the most adorable twins ever.

  • Danielle - These little ones are some of the cutest babies I have ever seen!!! 😉 Amazing Shoot! xo

  • Violet, Danielle, Scharie, Johnathan - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and the most flawless twins. They are God sent no doubt. They are so much loved I’m sure from anyone who has connections with the parents. We watch them grow over the past months and loved the sharing of these little angels.

  • Denyse Ritchie - Unbelievably beautiful pictures of these babies!
    Michelle, you are very talented.

  • June-Marie - OMG….gorgeous babes….beautiful photography…’ve captured them perfectly!

  • Tom - Your photos of Felix and Vega are absolutely amazing. Excellant work Michelle. You captured the twins at their best!

  • cindy - Simply gorgeous! Love them all! The Black and white one is just stunning.

  • vicki gannon - beautiful images. beautiful light. beautiful babes!!
    merry christmas michelle! all the best for the new year! vicki xox

  • Morgan Chapman - Oh my goodness – what beautiful babies! Love that last one!