Tyne, Chance and Kierra | nanton newborn photography

It has been really interesting to watch how the older siblings react to having a new baby in the house.  Some of them are so happy and want to help with every little thing, some are totally ambivalent and completely ignore the fact that life has changed, others are somewhere in between.  The girls tend to be the ones that are smitten with this new tiny baby.. the boys, not so much.  Sometimes it goes the opposite direction but not often.  This big (little) sister wasn’t feeling well on the day of the session but she still held her babies.  She was looking at them with an expression that said “where did these two come from” but I could tell she was in love.  Her Mom says she normally wants to help with everything.  This even includes the 2 am feedings.  The babies wake up and she wakes up to help.  Since I don’t live in that house I think it’s pretty cute.  🙂

Finally a set of twin boys! I got to use my “thing 1 and thing 2” Dr. Suess hats that I bought on etsy.  Totally awesome quality made by Babesinknots.

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  • Jenelle - oh my goodness Michelle……absolutely precious!! love the thing 1 + 2 hats.