Ty and Max . calgary twins portraits

I met a couple of days ago with these two little cuties at their home in the Marda Loop area.  I could tell it was their house when I drove up by the vehicle parked on the road.  It had snow piled around it and looked like it hadn’t moved in a couple of weeks.  I’m thinking that with twins in the house it is probably pretty difficult to get out!

Is there a baby boom going on in Calgary right now?  I’m thinking maybe there is.  🙂  So many new babies and pregnant mommies out there.  I love it!

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  • Terry McKaig - Beyond sweet!!! So precious…..what an amazing image!

  • Stacia Shaw - beautiful!!

  • Shannon Pratt - WOW! How perfect is that!

  • amanda - oh so very sweet!

  • Maria Lang - SERIOUSLY!!

  • Yvonne - What a great moment you captured.

  • Kirstin - so precious…..

  • Shanelle - LOVE LOVE LOVE This!!

  • Chelsey - I love seeing them intertwined like this. Such a beautiful moment to show their bond. I know! I think there are a couple of places in baby boom extravaganza! 😉