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Ok, how cool is this?  A friend called me today to tell me about this completely amazing app that keeps track of everything baby.  You know when you are in the hospital with your new baby and they hand you a pen and ask you to keep track of everything your new baby does?  Feedings, diapers, weight gain, dr. visits etc?  If you are anything like me nothing was written on the same paper and compiling all the little scraps was well… impossible because half of them were lost.  Now the information can all be kept on your iphone which is probably sitting right beside you at all times!  Maybe I should have another baby to try this out?  Ummm… on second thought maybe not.

You can even keep track of the time it takes to feed and the length of a nap (yes, probably your nap but that could be discouraging so maybe use it for the baby’s nap)  and it works for more than one baby!  Twins?  Triplets?  No problem!

Check it out.  Total Baby App

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  • jen h - Oh, so now they come out with cool stuff! Wish I had so many cute and helpful things that are out today when I had my babes. This is great!

  • Christina - Thanks for posting this! I’m due in 3 months so I know this will come in handy:-)