this is my Saturday night…

My office space is a big torn apart chaotic mess and my boys are all behind me playing video games.  I’m excited for our new flooring to be installed on Monday!  My desk and computer are still here and together .. until the last moment of course.  This  means I’m still here too, which in my opinion is much better than being outside in the freezing cold snowy city.  Oh, and my office chair rolls across the floor just awesomely now that it is carpet free!

Just one photo of what I’m working on tonight…

What is life for?
It is for you.

Abraham Maslow

newborn photographers

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  • Chelsey - Just beautiful, Michelle! They are going to love this.

    And nice to see I am in good company – working here too! Although my chair does not roll across the floor 🙁 boo.