“that’s how I found him” | Calgary Baby Photographs

Half  way through this session this tiny little boy started to cry,  I of course apologized because I really really don’t like it when babies cry.  His Mom said “don’t worry about it, that’s the way I found him”,  meaning he made his entrance in to the world naked and crying.  I think it is one of my favorite lines now.  If you know me, you know I have THE worst memory ever so for me to remember that it must have meant something.

Anyway – this little sweetie was under 6 pounds and just 5 days old when I met him. This is the perfect age for a newborn session and I LOVE when Mom’s call before their baby is born so we can get these sweet images before baby gets to be 10 days old and decides that being awake and maybe a little bit grumpy is more fun than sleeping the day away.  So cute and sleepy and perfect in every way.







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  • Kathy Carter - WOW! I absolutely love the picture of the baby that looks like he is hugging a cloud! (without the hat). I have looked through all of your pictures and you are absolutely amazing!! I am looking into having someone do maternity and newborn shots for me. I am 19 weeks right now. I would love to have a photo shoot with you! Tres belle!!!! Thank you! Kathy

  • Melanie - I so miss this… Sniff… Beautiful pictures as always…

  • Carrie Young - eeeek! He’s just gorgeous!!

  • sarah Lund - Stunning, Michelle! So crisp, colorful and stunning. The bond between mom and babe is captured so well in the first image.

  • Shannon S - totally adorable!