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Life has been insane to say the least.  Having 5 kids in the house is always fun and busy and running a business alongside that creates chaos most days.  I am so thankful for my amazing husband that looks after kids, cleans, does laundry, cooks and takes kids to various activities because I know that if he wasn’t supportive in every way I could not have gotten my business to where it is now.  I am also thankful for my clients that have stuck with my through years of portfolio building and learning to run a business.

This year has been my favorite year so far as I have had so many completely amazing clients that are  appreciative of the Art of Photography.  It is easy to do portraits for people that really understand that they have hired someone that will capture some wonderful memories for them.  When they understand that, and trust  that if their child is jumping on the bed, hiding under the bed, whispering in their sisters ear or running through the creek in rubber boots I will still get those great pictures and that sometimes (most times) those will be some of their favorite ones.  Posed images are nice, and I do try to get them as well but honestly… kids will be kids and that is why they are so much fun.

Sometimes the Mom’s and Dad’s start to panic when a child covers their face or runs away or has a tantrum and they always apologize.  I always say don’t worry about it and I truly mean it.  I have a big family with children between 3 and 17 in the house and I get it!  That is just how they are and 99% of the time that child can be coaxed back after a little break or followed around for some very natural and very fun portraits.

Prime example.  No child is as difficult to get pictures of than a photographers child.  Especially if you are the photographer and it is your child you are running after.  That is why I hire a photographer when I want great pictures of my kids.   Here is my Adam from a couple of days ago… the first set is me waiting patiently for him to decide that it was ok for me to take his picture.  The second set are the images I love and the 3rd and 4th are perfectly him.  Worth the wait.  I do love the first ones even though they are far from perfect.  Those are the ones I will look at down the road and laugh at and remember what fun he was and I always show at least a couple like this to my clients.  Some love them to pieces.  Some don’t.  😉

Adam Jumping on bed

Michelle Wells Photography Ada

Adam teasing me when I asked how old he was. :)  He's actually 3 but laughed hysterically when I told him he wasn't five.

Adam teasing me when I asked how old he was. 🙂 He's actually 3 but laughed hysterically when I told him he wasn't five.

My favorite.  This is just so him.

My favorite. This is just so him.

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  • Melanie - I love the little gonchies!! These are great!!!

  • amanda andrews - he is just sooo gorgeous!

  • Shannon - WOW these are so fun and amazing. The second to last is just divine it has amazing clarity and color.