Teeny tiny perfection…

I admit it, I have a serious weakness for babies. I can’t even pass by a stroller without taking a peek inside (without trying to look like a stalker of some kind). Don’t get me wrong, we are without a doubt not having any more, but if I didn’t get to photograph them I would have a void in my life for sure.

This Mom called me before her baby was born.  It works great this way as I was able to keep some space open because I knew to expect a new baby.  She called on Thursday and we put her in for Saturday.  I love, love, love it when Mom’s take my advice because this brand new baby stage passes even quicker than you can even imagine.  Look at this first shot how her little legs just tuck up perfectly!  In no time at all she’ll be stretching right out like a big girl and Mom and Dad will have these precious memories of their newborn daughter.

This tiny girl was only 7 days old and weighed less than 7 pounds when she was born. She slept until almost the very end of the session and only woke up while her Mom was putting her clothes back on. She was amazingly adorable with her eyes closed but she was even more perfect with them open. Honestly, what’s not to love, just look at this perfection…







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  • Shannon - Thank you Michelle for the wonderful pictures, now a year later I am so glad to have these wonderful memories of our little peanut!! Boy they sure grow fast!!

  • cindy - So beautiful! I would be thrilled to have pictures of my baby like these!