Tasha and Ryan Westerman {Calgary Family}

The message that I got this morning from Tasha and Ryan Westerman is that life is precious.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to their house but I was greeted with smiles and wonderful people.  This photo session was different than most that I have done… both Tasha and Ryan have been diagnosed with cancer.  Thankfully, Tasha is in remission but for Ryan it is another story.  For more than 10 years he has been fighting a brain tumour that is seeming to be relentless.  Thankfully, Ryan and Tasha are relentless too.  They are fighting to beat this and at the same time they are counting their blessings.

They have told their story to the newspapers and television stations in hopes that we will all count ours.  Most of us are not in the position they are in, where every single second counts… but it should.

I had a wonderful morning with the Westerman family at their Calgary home.  Ryan and his son, cutie pie Talyn, played hockey, fought with light sabres, played with some of the new Christmas presents, read stories with Tasha on the bed and shared lots and lots of hugs and kisses.  It was a blessing to watch this family as they are struggling for life and it was a pure pleasure to spend the time with them.

You can read the story of both Ryan and Tashas fights on their blogs…

Ryan’s path

– Ryan’s blog

The journey – part 2 – Tasha’s blog

You can also donate to help assist in Ryan’s treatment which is not covered by Alberta Health Care and costs almost $10,000.00 per month.  You can donate at any RBC bank in Calgary.

Playing with the Space Shuttle – Ryan and Talyn both love anything that flies.  Ryan used to be a Commercial Pilot.

Talyn Enjoying a moment with Mom and Dad

Ryan has started to lose his hair and decided that shaving it off would be better so I stayed to document the moment.  Talyn was helping for a few moments after he disappeared for a cookie first.

A few fun moments between Ryan and Talyn

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  • Nicole Canning - How beautiful!!!! This group of pictures brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful family and such a good outlook on life. I am sure these memories will be cherished for a lifetime….absolutely beautiful work…such passion for life and all little and most precious moments….

  • Mel - So very, very touching. These are the photos that will certainly be treasured always! Beautiful job!

  • D - Michelle, beautiful images!! What a wonderful thing you did for this family to capture these moments together.

  • Natasha Whiteley - you’ve captured so much emotion! beautifully done!

  • Julie Ranee - So much love, joy and overall emotion you have captured! Love them. Beautiful.

  • amanda andrews - I Love what you’ve done for this family! It must’ve been an amazing experience for you!

  • Megan - Amazing Michelle…you’ve captured such emotion here….I can see the love, the joy this family shares..they will treasure these always..well done my friend.

  • Cheryl Johnson - you’ve worked your magic again Michelle for this very special family – hey Ryan like the new hairdo 🙂

  • Chelsey - Wow, Michelle! What beautiful images. A truly amazing family… I am so glad you were there to document this time for them.

  • martha bravo - what an amazing family! I love this photos they are so full of closeness and love. I am sure thye are going to treasure them.

  • Jeff Williams - Great pics, great family.

  • Terry McKaig - What an inspiring family!
    You captured their spirit for life so well Michelle! wow!
    I pray for their healing!

  • Kelly Vella - These are priceless memories you have captured Michelle…this families love is so visible here!

  • Aunt Gail - Dear Michelle,
    you have captured the beauty of the individuals as well as their loving family unit & the joy they share being with each other. Thank you for sharing these images with us all. Ryan’s aunt aka ABG

  • Shannon S - Beautiful images and what an amazing family connection you have captured. They will treasure these forever!

  • David Quisenberry - Very heartwarming story and images.

  • cindy - What a heart-rending story! You caught some wonderful pictures for them!

  • laurie - these photos are so precious and wonderful. thank you for sharing the story and hope for the very best for this beautiful family!

  • Louise and David Butcher - Your photos show how good it is for Tasha, Ryan and Talyn to live and love in the present moment. These are beautiful images of a very special family that understands just how precious life is. Thank you!

  • Gabe - Michelle these are beautiful images that I am sure they will treasure forever….well done!!