sweet perfection…

If there is anything better than 1 sweet newborn it’s 2! A little girl and a little boy, just a tiny bit smaller than his sister. Everything went very smoothly with a couple of breaks for feeding, and a short break while Dad rocked his new little daughter and put himself to sleep instead. (sorry, I just had to add that in). Had they not been tucked into the corner I’d have been snapping pictures because she looked so teeny tiny laying there on her Daddy’s chest. Their Mom and Dad say everything is going smoothly and that everything is under control so lets hope these two don’t decide to give them trouble. Check out these adorable babies….








Now on another note – could someone please get rid of this terrible weather? We seem to be getting some beautiful days and yet every time I have an outdoor session it SNOWS! What is up with that? I spent over an hour on the roads this morning trying to get to a session and finally gave up and came back home since I was only 10 minutes from home anyway and their was no traffic going that direction. I can’t wait to start enjoying the outdoors so bring on the sun.

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  • Brad (aka Dad) - I know I’m biased…but these are beautiful pictures of special days that will pass by so fast.

  • Carrie Young - Michelle, these twins are just gorgeous! I adore the feet together :o)

  • PattiS - Gorgeous!

  • Jacquie - Adorable babies and beautiful pictures!