Summer Sale


It’s finally summer…

What’s this all about?

It’s all about a summer sale!

Really?  Why?

Each summer as the school year comes to an end I get all teary and can’t stop thinking about how much my own children have grown over the year.  I look back at the pictures I took on their first day of school and can’t believe the changes!  So…this year I am taking them each out separately to capture some memories of their personalities right in this moment.

For my four year old it’s all about his batman mask and batman Converse shoes.  He tries to tie them himself.  I’m thinking that will make a super sweet picture and remind me of how he was when he graduated from preschool.  For my 9 year it’s her favorite skirt and aqua colored hoodie that she wears nearly every day.  Of course her hair that is one day in braids and the next in a headband will have to be a part of it too.  The biggest part though is her sparkling eyes and cute little look that she gives me.  I don’t want to forget that look because I’m seeing more of a teenager in her every day.

For the big boys it’s skateboards, pogo sticks and just all around cool-ness.  After all – they are teenagers now and Evan has surpassed both Terry and I in the height department.  Thank goodness!

So… because I’m getting all sentimental and teary you are getting some images of your own child to remember this stage of their life!  Good deal right?

When is it happening?

Take advantage of this beautiful weather and bring your kids out for some sunshine.  Portrait sessions will be held at Fish Creek Park on Sunday July 3rd from 6:00 – 8:00 pm and July 4th from 3:00 – 5:00.  Please make sure you call to book your time as these are scheduled sessions!

What is included?

I will spend approximately 20 minutes with your child or children to capture them as they are right this very moment.  The goal is to capture what they are all about.  In the end, you will end up with 15 – 20 images that you will love.  Each of these will be given to you in digital format so that you can print them as you wish and give them to all of your friends and family.  The cost for this is just $485.  That’s actually less than if you were purchasing one of each printed image from me!  See…. good deal.

What should we wear?  or bring?

Your child can wear what they love.  That’s the whole point right?  Everything goes!  A superman shirt, rubber boots, a baseball cap, red cowboy boots, a tutu?  Whatever.  Do they love Thomas the train? bring some!  Sock Monkeys?  yay!  Princess dress, soccer ball, hotwheels, a ride-on toy, a favorite doll, crayons and paper, sidewalk chalk?  Well, you get the picture I’m sure.  Oh, but don’t forget their bear with half it’s fur loved off or their favorite blanket or pacifier.  Those are important too.

What should we expect?

Well, that depends entirely on your child.  If he loves to run and jump and be crazy I’ll run after him and snap along the way, his bare feet in the grass? Mischievous grin?  Yes!  If she loves to sit and dress her doll I’ll take pictures of her little hands trying to put on the clothes, her eyelashes as they brush her cheeks and her sweet smile.  Either way – it’s who they are and you love them that way.  This isn’t about a perfect portrait of your child looking at the camera.  Though… we may very well get that image if it’s in your child’s nature.  If by chance you have a shy child we may very well need you to sit with them and love them.  If you have a special relationship with your child you want captured you can be in the portraits as well.  Mommy and me?  Daddy and me?  Sure.

Who would benefit most from this type of session?

These sessions are best for babies that are sitting up on their own and children up to age 16.

I’m in!  How do I book my time?

Just give me a call at (403) 890-8732 or send an email to and we’ll get you all set up and answer any questions you may have.

I would rather have a full family session.  Can I book that now?

Of course you can.  Dates throughout the summer are few and far between but there are a few left so call today!  If you are hoping for a fall session you can reserve your spot for September or October by calling to put your name on the list.  I will call you at the end of August to book your actual date.  You can call (403) 890-8732.
I am so excited to spend some time with my clients… i love to see how the children have grown!  Just one of the reasons why I love my job.
In the meantime… grab a coffee, sit back and take a look at some recent work at
(403) 890-8732


If I don’t get to see you this summer or fall have a wonderful year!  I would love to see you next year.


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