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Happy Summer everyone.    I am heading to Bear Creek in the Okanagan for a much needed vacation with my family.  Camping at the Lake, boating, hiking to the waterfalls, bedtime stories in the trailer every night, the sound of the birds in the morning and children laughing all day.  sigh…

Ok, reality check… birds that sing and wake up kids up at 3:00 am, children bickering, hiking with kids that are too tired to take another step, arguments about who has had 6 turns tubing and who has had 7.  Still fun though.  Every summer we head out and get away from all of the stresses of work  and every day life.  I always promised myself that if I started my own business I would still keep the summer for my family.  I know I’ll miss work like crazy but at the same time I can’t wait to just hang out and have fun.

I’m almost all caught up and have scheduled a few blog entries for when I am away just so y’all don’t get too bored.  lol.  Enjoy your Summer Days and don’t forget to have some fun with your children.

Here are a few snapshots of our summer so far.  Just so you know, these are snapshots – not portraits, don’t expect perfection because you won’t find it here.   These are pictures of my family and my nieces and nephews.


below: my sisters husband built a zipline in their backyard, a totally awesome zipline!  The have an acreage by Edmonton and so much space for kids to run around.



Below:  nothing better than munching on icecream sandwiches with your cousin AND getting to drive his car.


below:  Evan riding “blue annie” for the first time.  He was totally allergic but loved every minute.


below:  Riley riding blu annie and commenting that his feet don’t reach the footpegs (yep, he’s a motorcross racer, not a farm kid).


below:  Adams 3rd birthday party.  blowing, singing, dancing, and a zillion hugs.


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