Stylish Baby {Calgary Photographer}

I admit it, I’ve gotten myself a little bit behind.  I took a week away to go to WPPI (the photography convention in Las Vegas) and now here I am blogging a session from almost 2 weeks ago!  I am quickly catching up though, and so happy to be back in Calgary and home with Terry and all the kids.  I missed them all so much and judging from the number of hugs and “I love you Mom”s that I have gotten they missed me too, Terry did a great job with everything though!  Adam is cracking me up when he looks at me and says, super seriously… “me love you Mom, you know dat?”  It melts my heart. 

Meet this little sweetie and her super cool Mom and Dad.  She wasn’t very sleepy but with a little patience and a lot of cuddles and sucking on her Dad’s finger she fell asleep and was oblivious to the world around her.  She was completely adorable.  I fell in love with her and her house, an older house that had been completely renovated while still keeping the character is was born with. 




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  • laurie - these are so perfect!

  • Shannon - Adorable!! Love these! The one on the bed is stunning in black and white.

  • Carrie Young - that last one is just perfection Michelle! Beautiful :o)

  • Natasha Whiteley - oooh, I love the one on the bed with mom, beautiful!! absolutely beautiful!