Spring sessions and my break…

If you are hoping to book a session for Spring I just wanted to let you know that sessions are filling up much more quickly than expected this year. I got a little bit overwhelmed with trying to run a business and care for a large family last fall so this year I am not offering as many session dates. I figured out very quickly that I love to spend time with my family and wasn’t able to do that with the workload. I chalked it up as a lesson learned and changed my business a little bit. I am currently fully booked for March and April except for newborns which I always save a few dates for. If you are having a baby make sure you call before your baby will be born so we make sure you get a date.

I am really looking forward to getting back out into the fresh air and being able to shoot those wonderful outdoor portraits of children! I’m starting to feel creatively stifled with all of this indoor work. If you are wanting a session for May, June, September or October I will be opening up booking dates for Spring months starting the middle of April and fall dates at the end of August. I have started a list of people interested in those months though. Please email me if you are interested in adding your name to the list and I will contact you when I open up the dates. This will ensure that you get a date without the commitment of planning your life so far in advance. 🙂

I will not be reachable by telephone for the next week, if you have an important matter I can be reached by email through email on my website. If it is not urgent , I will return all calls and emails next week-end.

Of course I can’t do a post without adding a few photos! These are my own kiddos in the tub last week.






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