snowboard baby . calgary newborn pictures

Her Daddy says that once she can walk he is taking her snowboarding

He is a coach at Canada Olympic Park and is maybe just a little bit passionate about it … ya think?

five days old

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  • Dis Tortilla - I soo <3 this pic!

  • Chelsey - well clearly we all love this shot! Adorable 🙂

  • Brian and Kate - Beeeeutiful!!

  • kurt - This is amazing!

  • jeff COLLINS - already dreaming about powder!

  • Leah - Beautiful photo! Should make it easier with such a beautiful subject.

  • Alan Maudie - Great job Michelle!

  • jesse - Looks like she’s already over snowboarding!?
    What now mike?

    So cute – you guys rule – can’t wait to meet her.

  • Jenny - What a wonderful tease….I keep checking for more! Such a creative photo and perfect Model!

  • Balment - Awesome pic, she’ll be rocking that thing in no time with some top tips from Dad!

  • Janine - Awesome!!

  • Mariette Voigt - Sooooo cute!!

  • Chuck & Liana - Coolest baby pic we’ve seen yet!!

  • Chuck & Liana - Coolest baby pic Ever!!! Looking forward to more!

  • Steve - This is too cute.

    Hopefully we get see more like this!


  • Sharon - Adorable photo, dreaming of snowboarding!

  • Madeline - Love it!

  • Sandy - Best baby photo EVER!

  • Brandon - Haha ya buddy!

  • Amie - Michelle, fantastic – as always. She is gorgeous–going to be the best looking snowboarder ever. Look out boys!!

  • Allison - So sweet:) I can’t wait to meet her and to see the rest of the pictures!

  • Mitch - Atta girl, very nice. Going to board hard thats for sure.

  • Meghan - I bet this picture makes daddy proud! What a gorgeous photo. Can’t wait to see them all!!!

  • jen - LOVE this pic!! It is adorable 🙂