Sophie and Sergey – snowbaby… {Priddis Baby Portraits}

Ok, maybe this wonderful little boy isn’t a snow baby but the day I drove from my warm cozy house in Calgary out to Priddis to do portraits for his family it should have been a snow day.  🙂  It was well worth the drive though, the sun was shining and the trees in the country were heavy with the new fallen snow.  To think, had I not had a session I would have holed up at home and missed all of that beauty. 

Sometimes I meet a baby that is too cute for words… Nikolai was that baby.  Sooooo adorable.  He had his own agenda though.  I haven’t met a baby yet that wakes up as fast as he did.  As soon as we even touched the blanket his little eyes were wide and it was as if he were saying “wait a minute, I’m sleeping here, don’t bother me”.  He had the most awesome head of hair and cutest little expressions though, I could have taken pictures of him all day if he would have surrendered to the sandman and had a little nap. 

His Dad works at Spruce Meadows and reminded me of what a great place it is.  We are going to have to take in a show this year for sure.  I can’t wait to take the kids out to see all of the new babies (yes, I know, it is probably the wrong terminology) that will be born soon.

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  • Natasha Whiteley - my goodness. that black and white one is FANTASTIC! ?

  • Shannon - Adorable. Such a sweet and thoughtful baby — like he is studying you and want’s to know why you have the camera in his face!! We all know it’s because he is so adorable!

  • amanda andrews - what a sweet little guy! love the family shot and the last one!