Silverton Falls and Moraine Lake Hiking

An early morning hike with some of the people I love most. Watching the sun hit the wet ground to create the eerie steam was beautiful.

I had heard that Silverton Falls was amazing and was surprised that it was just a short hike from the parking lot! An easy and fun hike to do with kids. The path winds along the river and is mostly flat with a short elevation at a switchback which will bring you directly to the falls.  The websites I had read made it seem like a path that anyone could do so I was saddened to see a number of seniors stopping at the bottom of the switchback and not getting to see the falls because it was too difficult for them to make it up. So although this is an easy hike, taking a stroller or someone that has difficulty walking isn’t a good plan.

The waterfall is tall! In the first photo we climbed down about a meter to stand on a little ledge which gets you closer to the falls but you can’t actually get down to the water.  I imagine that in the Spring this would be even better.

I highly recommend this walk and you can easily do it after you’ve done the Johnston Canyon Hike or with a visit to Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, or one of the other short hikes in the area. Next time we will take it a little further and venture up to Rockbound Lake too.

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