Sarah Troyer

Headshots that are done outdoors are my total favourite by a long shot.  Freedom to move around, surroundings to suit almost any personality, natural light that is fun to play with… they all make for interesting headshots that really show the personality of the client.  Many years ago I would have shot them in my studio with  strobe lighting and (to me) they tended to all look the same.  Since I tend to get bored rather easily, especially when shooting the same thing in the same location, over and over again.  I eventually quit offering that service.  That is until I learned that outdoors made a wonderful place to shoot and that there really were people out there that wanted something different than the average. Now, I kind of love doing them.  I think I’d kind of forgotten just how much.

Sarah is an actress living in Calgary, working with Hell on Wheels through Details Talent.  I loved photographing her!  She’s obviously made to be in front of a camera!


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