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One year ago I was honoured to have met Ryan and Tasha Westerman when I offered to photograph their family.   Since last year their journey has been long with roads that bump and wind, rarely going straight and smoothly.  It hasn’t been easy.

Ryan’s blog Tasha’s blog

In Ryan’s words, because they are so perfect:

We are here to enjoy life in as many ways as possible. We are here to learn (and this does not apply to school). We are here to spread love to others to ensure that they feel it. We are here to accept the reality that is around us, as it is something that we will never control. Most importantly…we are here to know ourselves. After all, that is all that we can take with us when the time comes to go.

Ryan and Tasha have touched the lives of so many people.  So many lucky people.  I feel that I have been given the most amazing gift just having been able to spend time with them.








This image above is because Ryan is a pilot… I’m sure he has seen his share of sunflare and thought he might like to share some with Talyn while they fly together.


Calgary Family Portrait Westerman


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  • Melanie - Reduced me to tears and an appreciation of what it really is all about…Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Jody - Michelle, you have done an amazing job capturing this family!

  • Andrea Wiseman - I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I saw Ryan’s story on the news about a year ago. I felt so moved, that I as well offered the family some family photos as a gift. I did not get the commission, but I have been following Ryan’s blog quite often to check up on him and his adorable family to see if things would get better. Well, I haven’t checked in a while.. until tonight. I am so sad to hear about his last stages in life. Thank you for posting these. Good luck Ryan.. you have taught me so many things. Thank you.

  • MJ - Don’t know you Michelle but I know Tasha, Ryan and Talyn and these photos are stunning. I’m so happy and thankful to see them. Such a special gift for them.

  • Kevan - Well done Michelle. I was quite moved by these portraits.

  • Natalie Powell - Michelle, I met you on Friday night at the party. These pictures are seriously gorgeous! What an amazing gift you have.

  • Kate - These images are so beautiful, this family is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  • jennifer adams - wow, these are absolutely perfect and priceless. you are an amazing person and photographer, and the gift you have given them no one can take that away! What a beautiful strong family!

  • Desiree Smock - All I see here is love and perfect moments. and it is so beautiful to see. michelle, these are beyond amazing in the story they tell. thank you for sharing – I’m so glad I know you. God be with this sweet family….xo

  • Jen Harr - Michelle, you are beautiful. What an amazing family, story they have, & gift you have captured for them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessi - Such incredible images that show so much emotion. My thoughts and prayers are with this family as they go through this challenging journey in life!

  • patti m - This is what this photography thing is all about. About making a difference, giving up what is in your heart and being filled up unexpectedly in return. My prayers go out to this beautiful precious family!! Thank you for sharing these images Michelle, they have touched me deeply!

  • kelly vella - I am speechless.. just beautiful!!
    This family is in my thoughts and prayers

  • Maria Hays - Such beautiful images that hold such a powerful connection between this family. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Shannon Pratt - Michelle these are beautiful. You can truly feel the emotion as you look at them. My thoughts and prayers are with this family at this time.

  • michelle - Thank you to all of my photographer friends that have sent their love and wishes to the Westerman family. It means so much to me and I can only hope they can feel it!

  • Alisha G. Robertson - Michelle I keep coming back to your blog to see these amazing images. What a magical family. I feel their love through your images and see how much they so deeply care for each other. It is nothing short of horrid tragedy and so utterly sad what they have had to endure. Their journey and your images have truly touched me. Many hugs and prayers to Ryan and his family.

  • Ali Hohn - These are all beautiful Michelle! I love the explosion of emotion in these.

  • Mands - WOW! these are stunning! Each one just made me catch my breath with it’s honesty and simple beauty.
    Praying God’s blessings upon them at this time and His strength for all that they must be going through.

  • amanda - Michelle! These are absolutley Beautiful!! My heart goes out to this family!

  • Denise Snyder - Absolutely beautiful images Michelle… I will keep the family in my prayers.

  • Gabe - michelle you have given a wonderful gift to an amazing family, and i know they will cherish these forever. the images you’ve captured are beautiful moments in an otherwise crazy journey. i wish the Westerman family much love, happiness and strength.

  • Shannon - beautiful images– the emotion captured says it all. I am glad you were able to capture their day.

  • Amii - Oh wow. I love that image of the parents kissing their son…what a sweet moment! You really do capture a family the way they should be – full of love, emotion and happiness.

  • Cheryl Johnson - these images evoke mixed emotions – joy & sadness combined. beautiful pictures of a special family – you can feel the connection between all four of you Michelle xx

  • Chelsey - These are so amazing, Michelle. The love, the smiles, the gentle touches … everything speaks volumes about this wonderful family. I’m so glad you got to document this day for them. Love, hugs & prayers.

  • Danna - what a beautiful family the love captured in these images is so powerful. I am so sorry for what you are going through.

  • Cyndee Wanyonyi - Wow – you can really see the connection amongst these family members in these shots. I adore the first one :). Any mama is going to love that! I also *heart* the one of Daddy and Son playing with the airplanes – the beautiful sunflare only adds to the magic of that moment. Great captures for this dear family. I am so sorry, Family, for what you are going through – may God give you the strength and support you need to make a full recovery. Much love and many prayers sent your way…

    Cyndee Wanyonyi >

  • Cyndee Wanyonyi - Wow – you can really see the connection amongst these family members in these shots. I adore the first one :). Any mama is going to love that! I also *heart* the one of Daddy and Son playing with the airplanes – the beautiful sunflare only adds to the magic of that moment. Great captures!

    Cyndee Wanyonyi >