Reese and Owen | maternity photography

A mother’s vision brought to life.  Lara had all of the great ideas and I just captured them for her and couldn’t help but smile the whole time.  I love  it when a session is different than what I am used to!  It’s like eating cauliflower every day and then being handed a delicious apple.  No offense to cauliflower eaters out there, it’s great in moderation but not every single day.  🙂

The two little ones were seriously so wonderful.  They did everything asked of them.  Kiss mom’s baby tummy?  Sure, hug my sister?  Of course.  Paint my hand?  Really?  Can I do it right now?  Of course they knew at the beginning of the session that the quicker we did the “boring” pictures the quicker the paints would come out .  The quicker the paints came out the quicker they could put their handprints on mom’s tummy and paint it whatever colors they wanted.  How awesome would that be as a kid.  Let’s just hope they don’t decide to paint the baby after it’s born.  Kidding.  They won’t.  They’ll love it to bits and hug and kiss it but they’ll probably keep the paints away.

I absolutely can’t wait to meet their newborn sibling.  Soon!

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