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Christmas was hectic around our house, which I’m sure it is around most homes.  Kids are off school, there is so much do to, so many people to visit… it doesn’t seem like the busy will ever end.  I loved it.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in work and running a home that I seclude myself from the outside world other than my clients.  Friends and family seem to fade in to the background and I forget how much I miss them, until I see them again.  Once I see them I realize what I’ve been missing and I just want to keep that life for a while.  Forget about my messy house, my work…

Until I realize how much I miss my work!  It’s a never ending cycle.  I guess I’m lucky that I have friends and family to miss and a job I love.

Anyway, moving on.  Christmas was crazy.  Fun crazy.  Until it wasn’t.  ha ha.  I also didn’t realize how much I love my quiet and my space until I found myself driving over to my parents house to visit relatives.  All of the kids decided to stay home with Dad.  They were tired of visiting and just wanted to have a quiet night.  There I was driving, alone, the radio on.  I was singing.  I was loving it.  Quiet.  At last.  I arrived at my parents and I loved the visit, forgot that I loved the quiet.  I carried on like that through the next few days.

All of a sudden I found myself almost alone in the house.  The three big kids at school.  Adam hanging out right at my feet, because he was no longer used to the quiet and was scared to venture away from me.  He’s four!  Still… he didn’t want to leave my side.  He talked non-stop, he showed me his christmas toys, we snuggled.  We had missed each other.  Finally after tidying up some of the christmas mess I sat on the floor to help him build some of the lego sets he had gotten for Christmas.  We loved it.  We had fun.

Here is our morning.  Our fun, quiet, loving and perfect morning.  I’m going to miss these mornings when I have no-one at home to spend them with.  I’m really going to miss them.

so… if you haven’t heard it before, i don’t really edit my family snapshots so they may not be perfect.  I’m ok with that.  To my heart they are perfect.

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  • Stacia Shaw - so cute! Love these pictures and I love legos too!!

  • Jacquie - Is it time for Christmas again yet? Seeing these pictures makes me miss my family. Christmas seems like so long ago!

  • Yvonne - Awww…what a precious moment. Love the images. My daughter adores legos too.

  • Amanda - these are so fun! he has the sweetest face!!

  • jennifer armstrong - perfect, indeed. Love the honesty of these shots. Family life. Beautiful.

  • Chelsey - This is perfect. It’s … everything I wanted to say & more … I agree about the quiet too 😉 … and family snapshots – here, here. I can’t believe how big Adam is getting. They are all growing so very fast.

  • cindy - Your baby is getting so big! What a precious time you have together!