pink power shirts | Calgary family photographs….

Pink Power Shirts are the coolest!  I love pink and if it gives you powers?  I’m all for it.  These two little guys ran through the house in the pink power shirts and stopped every once in a while for a photograph.  I happened to mention to Mom that ALL of the little ones are like this.  Photographing children is no easy feat.  She replied with something along the lines of “oh thank goodness!  I keep seeing all of these great families on your blog and they all look so calm and perfect”.  Trust me, they aren’t.  If you are one of the Mom’s (or Dad’s) following my blog and thinking you can’t possibly have your family pictures done because your children won’t sit still please don’t worry… they don’t sit still but I can usually make it look like they do.  If you could only see some of the outtakes.  Hmmm… maybe I should start showing some so that you’ll believe me.   🙂  I’m thinking I need to buy a pink power shirt for myself to wear during sessions because then maybe it will be easier to chase the kids!

The little guy wasn’t into having his picture taken and was a little shy so I captured that in one of the images, him taking a time out while sucking his thumb.  I am the first to admit that I have a weakness for little ones that suck their thumbs, they look so cute and innocent.  



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  • Adrienne - These are all so beautiful…. love the ones of baby on the white cloudy blanket! So special to capture that last image too….

  • Julie Ranee - I love these Michelle! The last shot is perfect!!

  • Cheryl Johnson - what adorable looking children but that last shot is just a perfect moment captured forever

  • Sarah - wow! someone forwarded me your website and I love your images. I’m an amateur SLR user and my images are never as crisp and clear as yours. What’s your secret (other than your skilled eye of course!)? Expensive glass, tripod, big camera?

  • laurie - these are great images- love them!

  • amanda andrews - so true!
    LOVE that 2nd image! perfection!

  • Kate - LOVE these! I can not pick a favorite because they are all fabulous!!!

  • Carrie Young - Michelle these are absolutely beautiful. Really beautiful *sigh*

  • Patti - Beautiful work Michelle! That last image is priceless.

  • Shannon S - Adorable!! Love the family shot what a beautiful moment you captured.

  • Danna - oh what a bunch of cuties!

  • Terry McKaig - OMgosh, the shot of the two boys on the bed is perfect! What a great family session Michelle!