Newborn Twins…

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with this super awesome family that has quite a few new members to their family.  Life in their home is going to be extremely busy but fun I’m sure.   These little ones were teeny tiny and I love how you can see that on the image where big brother is taking a moment to admire his new baby brother.

Since I’ve gotten a bit behind I’ll make the writing tonight short and sweet.  My 2 year old has decided that naps are no longer required.  What he obviously doesn’t realize is that they ARE required if Mommy wants to get any work done.  Looks like I’m on the hunt for a dayhome at least 1 day a week.  On a side note – if you haven’t tried the smoothie popsicles from Superstore (Blue brand) you should.  🙂

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  • laurie - REALLY cute! love that last one!!!

  • Natasha Whiteley - oh wow, what a totally gorgeous family.
    aw! you captured these perfectly!