Newborn Twins are so fun to photograph!

No really, they are.  They are my favourite little people to photograph.  Everyone always asks if it is more difficult than a photo session with a single newborn.  It really isn’t (anymore).  It used to be.  Before I had years of experience (practice).  I’m not going to lie, it takes a little bit longer because there are two babies and each baby needs to have photos alone, but the good part is that when one baby needs a break for a snuggle or a feeding, the other baby can be photographed.  When the two are there together, sleeping sweetly, all cozy and warm tucked in to the soft blanket, there is nothing more sweet.  I have a secret too.  Sometimes, when the babies are laying there all cute looking, I forget to take pictures and I just marvel at how awesome they are.  I’m editing these two little guys tonight.


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