Newborn Pictures… {Calgary Newborn Pictures}

I wanted to send out a quick reminder that if you are having a baby soon and are hoping for newborn pictures it is best to call before your new baby arrives.  Those super sweet curled up baby pictures that you have seen on my website and blog are mostly done when the babies were 3 – 8 days old.  After 10 days those sweet little babies wake up, stretch out and don’t like to be disturbed.  🙂  This is not so say that if you have already had your baby it is too late for pictures – it’s not!  You just get baby pictures instead of newborn pictures.  Very sweet, just different.

I have just a couple of dates left for sessions in May and June for children and family photographs but save a few dates for newborns as well. 

If you are waiting for the exciting news I’m hoping to share it soon.  It has something to do with new products.. I’m very impatiently waiting to share them with you as soon as I receive my samples.

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