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Adam was beside himself with excitement yesterday morning because he had his Christmas concert at preschool.  He called Gramma to remind her of the time and asked if his stuffed elephant could sit on her lap so he could watch too, and willingly showered so he would look “hansomer” (handsome).  He told me he was going to sing really loud so we could hear him.  We got him dressed, put on his new sock monkey hat and mittens (made by knitwits) and stopped for 2 minutes on the way out to the van to snap some pictures because he looked so cute of course.  🙂  We got there and guess what?  He pretty much stood there staring at the audience the whole time and barely sang a word.  He was amazed at all of the people that were watching and forgot to sing except for a few words of Jingle Bells and a few words of We Wish you a Merry Christmas.  Watching 3 year olds sing is the cutest thing ever and guarantees to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Soooo… here is my adorable little  sock monkey in his DeLux hat that I bought while at a workshop in Victoria earlier this year.

Calgary Childrens Portraits Mi8

Calgary Childrens Photographers mi8

calgary childrens pictures mi4

calgary childrens pictures mi6

the drive to school

the drive to school

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  • michelle - Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments! I didn’t even know this many people actually read my blog. ha ha.

  • Kate - I adore these!! He is just darling!!!!

  • Haleigh Rohner - Oh so cute! He’s adorable and I LOVE the Hat!

  • Terry McKaig - What a cutie………..great photos mom!!

  • Jessi - I absolutely love these! What a handsome little guy you have!! Think I need to find a hat like this!

  • Angela Crutcher - These are so cute! Love his little hat!

  • Jackie Jean - he is absolutely adorable!

  • Carla Loeppky - Super cute! Love the photos!

  • janephoto - Beyond cute! Gorgeous job with these.

  • Shannon - beautiful images — just love the hat!

  • Amber - These are awesome!! He is just a doll and that hat is perfect!

  • Katherine - Your son’s a cutie pie! I love the variety of expression here. I definitely see a storyboard here for you!

  • Sabrina - I work for Delux and think they should have got you to do their photography!

  • Chelsey - These make me so happy; I love them Michelle. Promise you’ll print a few for his room? 🙂

  • Anna - seriously gorgeous!!! Each and every photo of your little man is just beautiful!!

  • mollie - goodness these are gorgeous!! i love his eyes

  • Ashley Duckett - What a precious set! His eyes are stunning!

  • shannon treadway - Awwww this are amazing! I love the sock monkey hat and gloves! too cute!

  • Zoe Berkovic - I Love these!!! I would hang them up as a series in big!! That would look amazing!

  • Jennifer Cota - So very fabulous!

  • sam - He really is a darling, wish we were their to share all those special christmas moments with you too. Give him my love. The hat & mitts are adorable, love his red sweater too! Wish I had one

  • Donna - What a handsome boy, I can’t believe how much he has changed! No longer the baby face. And his mother is a very talented photographer that she can capture him so well!