My own family… finally

As much as I tell people how important it is to have your family photos done – I’m guilty of not having ours done often enough! Finally I set a date with my good friend and photographer Lindsay Nichols.  I told the kids to book the day and  make no excuses.  It’s happening.  Finally! After a year of attempting to make it work.  So yay!  They were all wonderful about it.  Happy, willing, and co-operative… thanks to Lindsay’s easy going nature and style of shooting and the awesomeness of our kids.  Truly.  Terry and I are so lucky to have these amazing children. They make most days so easy.

We chose to shoot early in the spring and leapt over a few puddles at the start.  Near the end we gave up and just walked right through.  We were soaked when we left.  Everyone at the ice-cream place probably wondered what the smell of swamp and frogs was when we walked in. It was worth it though.  I love the photos and so do the kids.  They are so US!

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