my “honey bear”

These pics are of my youngest, Adam.  He is the little monkey that has decided that naptime is highly overrated and that Mommy should always be playing cars, trains, riding on the back of his imaginary motorcycles or cuddling on the couch.  That means I am getting NO work done.  Time for a new plan I guess. 

I’ve been out of town for photography conferences and workshops a lot the past couple of months and I think he’s been missing me.  I asked him last week if he was having fun hanging out with Daddy.  He responded “YES”, very enthusiastically but then he looked up at me with big eyes and said “and you Mommy, you stay HERE”.  I laughed.  So cute.  I guess I’ll stick close to home for a while.  I do admit that the weather in Calgary is icky compared to where I’ve been.  Sigh.


Blowing me some kisses

and finally one shot of me taken by Ambiant 11 while I was at a photography conference in Las Vegas, and enjoying the warmth that was so unlike Calgary.

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  • Jacquie - Very cute pictures of him, but noticed you more – you’re beautiful – hope you know that!

  • Stefanie Harrington - Fabulous work! My 2 year old has also decided that naps are useless, So I am also struggling to get my photoshopping done!
    I love your stuff and look forward to seeing more of your new stuff.

  • Carrie Young - ok so he’s cute BUT look at you! You’re gorgeous! What a beautiful photo Michelle 🙂

  • Natasha Whiteley - oh that blue is delicious! love it!

  • Julie Ranee - Your little guy is so adorable!
    And I love that picture of you too!