more twins for Calgary…

I met with this great family last week in North Calgary.  The twins were gorgeous as was their big brother and they were all so good!  Babies that sit and don’t yet crawl away are so much fun to take pictures of.  I love the sweet smiles and cute looks they give.  I actually got one of each of these two with their tongue sticking out.  I love it.  Their 2 year old brother more than made up for their “stillness”.  He was so happy to be in the park, and as any little boy knows, parks are for running and playing.  The are really really not for standing still and having your picture taken.  I ran off with him for a minute and got him to hold onto his leaves really tight and wait for me to count to 3.  He patiently waited and then laughed and tossed them into the air.  Very quickly after that he took off to throw a few sticks into the stream.  Thank you H family for sharing the day with me.



This next one made me laugh, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how busy life with twins would be.



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  • Grandma & Grandad Ambury - These are our beautiful grandchildren who we don’t see as often as we’d like. These photos are incredible and we are anxiously awaiting the rest of them! Great Job Michelle!

  • Kim Burnham - ssoooooo cute! I love the fall leaves shots! great job!!

  • Elma - Those babes are dolls! Great session Michelle!

  • Meredith - Oh my gosh!! These are adorable. Post more pretty please:)

  • Natasha Whiteley - these are stunning Michelle!

  • Scott & Kim - thanks Michelle for a great session! These are awesome (even if we are a little biased 🙂 ) and we can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • amanda andrews - these are fab! Such pretty little babes!