more road racing…

As promised, a few more from the indoor road racing event in Calgary at the Round-up centre. We had hoped to go to the championship in Edmonton the next week-end but didn’t make it. Congratulations to everyone that raced their best and had fun, and of course to those who won as well.

If you would like to see more pictures, they are now up in a proofing gallery on my site. You can go to and click on client proofing. Use the password amra. I have a ton of pictures that are not there, as time is permitting me from getting them all in there, however, if you raced and don’t see any of you but would like to, please email me with your bike number (if known) and description of your gear and I’ll try to find some and get them in there for you. As it is now I mainly put up photos of people that specifically asked me if I would take some of them or their child. If you do see me out at an event and want some pictures done feel free to let me know.



Just one from the jumping. It was a little hairy watching these guys, I’m glad that they aren’t my kids.





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