Max | priddis family

Baby Max has a totally sweet Mommy and Daddy, a gentle dog and a wonderful acreage near Priddis to grow up on with lots of room to run, play and imagine.  He is one lucky little boy.


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  • Carolina - He is an angel….Congrats!

  • Stacia Shaw - I love the shots with mom and dad…beautiful!

  • April - Such perfection, congratulations.

  • Jen Evans - What a perfectly beautiful family!

  • Nicole - What a beautiful boy – he has the BEST parents 🙂

  • Pauline - He is picture perfect!

  • Amy - Congratulations! what a perfect baby!

  • Lindsay - What an angel! So happy for Max to be able to come into this world and have such wonderful parents 🙂

  • Susan Arthurs - Max is absolutely precious…and the photos are beautiful!!

  • Trina - And baby makes three! What lovely photos!

  • Misty - Adorable pictures!

  • Jeannie - Congratulations! What a beautiful addition to your family. You must be so proud, enjoy your little treasure!

  • Joy - great photos! Congrats!

  • Victoria - Absolutely beautiful family!

  • Sam - So cute!

  • Jeanna - Little Max is such a sweetheart! Beautiful photos!

  • Lolly - Absolutely stunning photos – what a lovely family.

  • Cheryl Myers - Max’s Grammy thinks he is the sweetest, most adorable little boy!!!

  • bonnie - Such a handsome little man!! Love Ya Max!

  • Leanne - Adorable family! You are going to have so many wonderful memories.

  • J'Lynn - Awww these are so sweet!! Love!!!