Mackenzie and her baby brother Zach | calgary newborn photography

I was privileged to photograph these two little ones last week.  I remember those days well with a new baby and a toddler in the house.  Leaving for the hospital and kissing your first baby (toddler) goodbye and then coming home with the new baby and seeing your toddler as a big girl/boy.  Changing a teeny tiny diaper and then changing a large diaper on that now seems like perhaps it was made for a giant?  🙂  Picking up your toddler for the first time since the new baby has arrived and barely believing how heavy they are.  And then… that toddler falls asleep on your chest, or gives you squishy little kisses, or places their hand in yours and you realize that they are in fact still a baby.  Two babies.  One little, one bigger.  Both amazing.

Zachary | 9 days old


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  • jennifer armstrong - your gorgeous photos & your beautiful words bring tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your heart & your talent with all of us.