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A little note from someone who love’s their photos is almost like Christmas morning to me. I used to lug my laptop and product samples to their homes to show the photos for the first time and I got to see the smiles and the tears for myself.  Now that I send the gallery out online I don’t get to witness the reactions so the notes mean even more.

  • Thank you so much for the photo shoot. You compose beautifully and I believe you are  indeed the baby-whisperer.  Patient and lovely.  – Carrie Gour
  • When I opened up the package of pictures my heart almost burst open. I had tears.  Even though I look at the pictures you took of Ivy often, to see them in hard copy brought back so many memories. You did such an amazing job!  You managed to capture all the hopes and dreams we had of having a child. I see Ivy as such a miracle baby and you captured it and we will always have the photos  to remind us. You also managed, in a short amount of time, to give us photographs suited to our style and we look forward to working with you for the next few years.  I hope you know just how talented you are and that what you do professionally (as well as the advice you bring) is invaluable.  We appreciate you so much and the patience that you have had with us. Thank you again! – Marnie, Tyler and Ivy
  • OH Michelle!!! First of all thanks for the tears 🙂  This is beautiful.  You have captured so much more than just photographs. What an incredible gift you have given all of us. You make me want another baby!!  – Lara Borggard
  • Working with you is an amazing experience.  My family is so comfortable with you, it is like we have known you forever.  We’ve already had three sessions and I can guarantee we will be back many times again, as you are a true artist.  What started as a fun playdate in the park with family, turned into these wonderful photos I can’t even describe.  You just have the passion and skill I have not found with another photographer.  You seem to find the personality in each person. They are perfect treasures for a lifetime.  I think it is so important to capture your family as they are and who they are – You have done this just perfectly for us. Thank you Michelle! – Scott & Ilene Janis
  • HOLY MAN WHAT AN AMAZING ARRAY OF PHOTOS!! We were totally blown away. Seriously. We put them on our TV and flipped through them – and every one pretty much caused an immediate “W’Oh!” (the use of light in the river valley) or “Aww!” (you captured the kids so amazingly), or a flood of tears. It was like we were reliving our wedding pace by pace. Check that — because we hadn’t seen so many of the details and people during the day, it was like living the wedding day in a different way. So nice to see all the emotions of our guests, and the details we had agonized over – flowers, the rings (in the ice plates – great idea!) Thanks for being so careful to catch all those little details.  We are really really happy with them, and can’t wait to share them with our family. – Niall and Megan
  • I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the images of our little sprout.  The images are incredible and we love them all.  Thanks for taking the time and to cut short your vacation to pack your car, come over to our place, setup and create some beautiful memories for us.  I knew that we were hiring the best and it was definitely worth it. Naia says thank you as well!  She’s already changed so much since that day…so hard to keep up with her changing faces! – Terence Law, Calgary Wedding Photographer
  • We absolutely LOVE our album.  It is amazing.  Kind of catches your breath when you turn a page, it really does the scenery true justice.  A friend saw it last night and was saying how incredible it was etc.  Thought you would like to know. Once again you did an incredible job and the shots you took, Michelle were just wow.  I have no hesitation referring you and have been happily voicing your names out there. – Susan Sisson
  • Thank you so much. We are calling you the baby whisperer. How you managed to move the twins around in all those poses with no crying is beyond me. We greatly appreciate all your work and time that went in to taking pictures of our twins. – Jackie
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