Long week-end camping…


We went out on the long week-end to try out our new boat for the first time. The kids had a blast tubing all week-end long despite the water that I could barely set foot in. Seriously. We had one hairy launch of the boat where I had to wade in (in my clothes) up to my chest to guide the boat onto the trailer while the wind blew crazily around us. I thought I was going to get hypothermia. I’m not even being a baby, I swear. Ok, ok, maybe just a little bit but it WAS cold.

The kids each had a couple of spills off the tubes and we spun the boat around as quickly as we possibly could to go back for them. We hauled them by their life jackets up into the boat and wrapped them in towels while they swore they weren’t going to tube again. It wouldn’t be 10 minutes later and they would be back out there laughing and pushing the other tube over the wake. It was so amazing to watch them so happy, constant smiles and laughter. They really enjoyed the week-end in the sun, it was just what we needed after a long winter. I wasn’t brave enough to bring my good camera into the boat and haven’t downloaded the pictures from the point and shoot camera so instead of boating/tubing pictures you get these ones of Adam hanging out on the beach.

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