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So I have to say, this is one of the coolest births that I have ever seen.  It was unique in every single way. By unique, I mean incredible and perfect.  Knowing that Lindsie was planning to have her baby in her Yurt with lots of wonderful windows, I jokingly asked her if  she would have her baby during the day.  Amazingly enough, she contacted me at about 4 in the morning to give me a little warning.  I arrived there at around 6:30 am just as the sun was rising upon a beautiful warm spring day. I peeked in to the Yurt to see Lindsie sitting with her sister,Christa, calmly hanging out on the bed.  The birthing pool was set up in the center of the room and the wood stove had large pots of water warming on top.  The scent of springtime and wood fire and the curtains blowing made it all seem serene.

Lindsie laboured quietly with her husband, sister and midwife Kimberly of Aurora Midwifery by her side.  Her mom popped in and out as well.  Pots of water were poured in to the pool as they warmed and new water was set on the stove to warm. Her sister sat quietly writing in a journal and Kimberly periodically checked on Mom and baby’s heartbeat and kept notes. Everything was quiet and calm and everyone was ready to meet Lindsie and Denis’ fourth baby.  Finally, after 3 adorable boys they were expecting their little girl.

A few short hours later, the water was the perfect temperature and Lindsie stepped in.  Denis quietly held her hand, while Christa quietly massaged her back and Lindsie gently brought her new baby girl in to the world. The most amazing thing is that she arrived face up (when most are face down) and in the caul (amniotic sac). I had never seen that before and it is quite rare (1 in 80,000 births) so was a gift to see. Her little eyes were closed and she looked completely comfortable as her head emerged. One of her hands pressed up on the tissue as if it were in a balloon. She was totally content. Midwife Kimberly reached inside to move the caul away from her mouth so that she could take her first breath as we all stared in awe. Honestly one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. If you would like to see more detailed photos please have a look at the slideshow here.

The conversation between the boys when they popped in to meet their new baby sister was hilarious. One of them asked the others if they thought that that baby Mateja was cuter than the baby kittens. One of them said yes and one of them thought the kittens were cuter. I wonder what they think now.  I  am betting on baby from all three.  If you want to visit the Yurt and see the sweet kittens check out Patterson Spring Farms and their summer camps and workshops!

If you would like to see more images from Lindsie’s Birth please scroll to the bottom of this post for the slideshow!  The quality isn’t wonderful but I have given up on trying to figure out why! It was created with imovie.

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Please have your speakers on for the beautiful music in the slideshow!

Mateja’s Birth from Michelle Wells Photography on Vimeo.

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