Lily and Rose | calgary twins photography

It doesn’t matter how often I photograph a new baby, they always amaze me.  While all of my friends had their first part time jobs in a fast food restaurant I was working in the nursery at the daycare near my junior high school.  I got to snuggle all of the babies.  I also had to clean the bathrooms after all the babies went home to be snuggled by their mothers.  Yes.  Yuck.  Not the part of the job that I loved that’s for sure but I put up with it just so I could hold the babies.   This job is much better than that one.  The closest I come to cleaning a bathroom is changing a diaper and I almost always sneak in a cuddle.  Lucky me.

Meet Lily and Rose… another completely adorable set of identical twins.  Also lovingly called Lilypad and Rosebud by their Grandpa.  I laughed when I heard that.  So cute.  Their Mom says Rose, the firstborn twin, is a little more headstrong, determined, and seems to be a leader.  Lily, just one ounce smaller, has a quieter demeanor and is a little more sensitive.  I’m sure it will be interesting to see if the girls personalities stay on this track or if things change as they get older.



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  • jennifer armstrong - oh my. I just love everything about this session. Sweetness through & through. Sigh.

  • Emmy - Oh Michelle you are hands down the best twins photographer. I don’t know how you do it – these are beautiful!

  • Jenelle - perfect props for precious twin baby girls! you adore babies and know how to handle them, there’s no doubt. it makes your work this stunning! xo