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Our last baby finally learned to ride his bike this summer.  Not without many many lessons and attempts.  I love that on the day her learned we were all outside encouraging him AND that he was wearing his “here comes awesome” shirt that he loves so much.  He needed a ton of encouragement!

I loved watching as his siblings gave him lessons, pep talks and encouragement as Terry and I repeatedly ran behind his bike and held on for dear life.  He made us promise that we wouldn’t let go.  We didn’t.  Until he was ready.  Even though he knew he was ready he was still scared.  He rode a few more times that day, going further and further on his own… and then hung up his helmet saying he would try tomorrow.  He didn’t.

He rode with training wheels through much of the summer until one day when we were camping at Rath Trevor on Vancouver Island.  I came back to the campsite to find his bike with no training wheels.  He proudly ran up to me telling me he had something to show me.  He hopped on and rode away like a pro.  Until he hit the corner that is.  He overshot the turn, hit the gravel and then hit the pavement.  Poor little guy.  See the images with the signed cast (also known as a bandaid), and skinned nose?  Yep, those are the results of that crash. But he kept riding… scaring me to death with his bravery and speed. He’s now a pro and rides his “Hog” (also known as a Harley Davidson bicycle) like a crazy boy.

You did it Adam!




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  • vicki gannon - great shots michelle!! love the captures. sorry we missed you this summer. maybe next year 🙂

  • Emmy - Oh Michelle these made me teary. The one where he is on his way with dad behind him and a big o on his face and his sister cheering him on. Too precious for words. I just love these so much. How will you stand it as he gets bigger and bigger.

  • Fred - Great Pictures! I remember learning how to ride a bike as a kid. Too bad there was no internet back then. Lol