Julius and Byron | calgary family photographer

Baking cookies, changing babies, brushing teeth, having baths and reading stories… real life when you have a family.  It was so much fun to watch and capture the memories of this wonderful Calgary family just having fun doing every day things.  I even heard the comment “wow, I’m getting so much done”!  This family took the time to just hang out with the kids.. and I think they had fun too.  It was great to get to know the boys and watch them do the things they like to do.

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Trying to make the great escape with only half of his clothes on.  So cute.

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Calgary Family Portraits

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  • amanda - what an amazing session michelle!

  • Tina - The perfectly captured essence of ordinary days. I am sold on this special family! They make it look so easy.

  • Kate - What a beautiful family and such special images. I love how you captured them.

  • Bebe Vocong - The photographs beautifully capture the intimate everyday moments that are sometimes taken for granted. Such a photogenic family. I love the photos of the family playing on the bed and Julius climbing into Byron’s crib.

  • Allison Davies - I love these, especially the one of big brother getting in the crib! Special memories captured forever.

  • Reana Saraceni - WOW, what a beautiful family. I love the way these pictures captured the little nuances of the kids, very, very cute. I loved the picture of Tony doing Julius’ hair, very sweet!

  • Melina Stambene - Beautiful everyday shots. The pictures gave you an insight into what goes on in a family with young kids. Loved the baking pictures and the black and whites.

  • Shannon - These are amazing – real life and what it is all about. I am certain they will treasure these images always.

  • Tiffany Ardolino - These are great intimate and candid moments captured. Love the tub shots, especially those goggles! Beautiful Michelle, as always.

  • Chrissy Finot - These images brought tears to my eyes. The black and white of the two boys in the bath is such a perfect image of brotherhood. As well, this adorable family in their bedroom captures the joy and love they have for their children and each other. Truly beautiful work…something I am sure they will cherish for a lifetime! Well done!

  • Andrea - Nobody understands how such simple everyday things can fill up your heart with such love until you have your children. These are gorgeous pictures and THIS is what life is all about!!!

  • Vince Oliverio - Love the pictures. Unbelievable how clean and crisp the actual pictures are.

  • Gina Oliverio - Amazing photos, demonstrating the simple and natural things that a family does together. Very precious memories you were able to capture!

  • Mirka Saraceni - These photos captured a family, showing everyday love , adventure, and the joy of youthful curiosity. I particualrily loved the black and white one of the family having fun on the bed. Your pictures are pure artistry showing family love, life, and laughter. Thank you, just Incredible!!!!! Your Photos

  • cindy - I just love the everyday pictures. You’ve captured such special family memories!

  • John Oliverio - Great pictures, moments captured by someone who knows their work, and passion shows right through these beautiful pictures (Works of art). Great subjects too!!!!

  • Jen Bertoch - Just love this session!! Love how you captured the family just being them- its the little things that are the most memorable!! 🙂 Beautiful!

  • Amii - I just love how you tell a story through your photography. I would love nothing more than to have a session like this…where my family is captured just being “us”. Awesome!

  • michelle - Thanks Lindsay – and yes, you can move in to that house! It’s for sale. 🙂

  • Lindsay - Oh, I’m in LOVE with these images!!! So fabulous! And can I please move into that house?!