Jordan, Justin and little sister | calgary baby photography

Little boys that are two and four often don’t really have an interest in a new baby in the house.  I was kind of expecting that when I headed out this morning on a windy Calgary day.  I was so totally wrong!  These two big brothers, big being the important word here as Justin advised me, LOVE their little sister and all of her ten fingers and toes.  I had so much fun with these little guys.  I got to learn about the “Disney Cars” race track, watch them jump on the couch, marvel at how much they loved to hold their sister, and was even invited in to the kitchen at lunch time with a “hey lady… kitchen… come, hey lady” from Justin.  Cuuuuute.  These are the type of day that make my love my job even that much more.

The weather in Calgary… loving that not quite so much.  The wind today?  Crazy!  I nearly got carried away with my huge pink bean bag while I wrestled it out to the car afterward.  I thought it was going to be ripped right out of my hands!  It was nuts.  Thankfully I managed to hold on and not fly away like Mary Poppins.  It was close though.



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  • Kirstin - they are all so adorable!

  • Jenelle - ultra cute Michelle, these are incredible works of art!!!

  • jennifer armstrong - oh michelle, i love everything about this session. But especially the connection you captured between her & her big brothers. Truly priceless. Sweet boys just melt my heart. And you are AMAZING!!!