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Ok, I’ll admit it.  Blogging is not my strong point.  I love sharing sneak peeks with my clients, don’t get me wrong!  When life gets busy though it is so hard to find the time and keep on top of everything else in business and in life.  My apologies, yet again to those of that are waiting patiently.

Meet Jenn.  Jenn and her Mom called to let me know that they had arrived where we were supposed to meet.  When I got there I saw two other photographers with ginormous lights and well, how shall I put this… a very scantily clad girl.  It was interesting to watch and yet again I realized just how many different styles of photography and ways of doing things there really are.   I hopped out of my vehicle with my camera in hand.  Jenn and her Mom asked if I used equipment like that and I replied “nope”, just me and my camera and sometimes a reflector.  I used to shoot with equipment like that but let’s face it.  I like the freedom.  I like not having to haul around piles of equipment which seemed to stifle my creativity.  It is hard to move on to another location when you know it is going to take you 45 minutes to set up again.  Not me.  Can’t do it.  Hopefully Jenn and her Mom didn’t mind.  ha ha.  Anyway we had fun, Jenn was awesome to work with and we got some great images.  Thanks so much for the wonderful afternoon and good luck with all of your wonderful plans!

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calgary headshots Mar

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I just may have to share a few more later.  I found this cool location while out hunting around for somewhere different.  Jenn seemed to fit in with it just perfectly but I don’t want to spoil it for her by showing too many images here.

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  • julie - amazing shots and incredible location! Im like you- I’m a freedom girl 🙂 Gotta be ready to move haha. What a great session

  • Carol - Wow! Michelle, how you have captured Jenn’s true spirit – her beauty, intelligence and sense of humor. Gorgeous shots!

  • Jan - Fabulous pics Jenn. Guaranteed to launch your career.

  • Marg - Michelle, you are so talented, thank you for capturing some really great images of Jenn. We had a wonderful day with you!

  • Jaimsie - Loving how the colors are making you just pop out of the pictures. Love your new head shot…aboso beautiful!!!

  • Lisa - You are stunning!!!

  • Loree - Pictures are amazing of Jenn. They all are great but my favourites are the first and the second (head shot) from last.

  • Scott - Hey Cousin, Congratulations! You’re well on your way, great photos! We’re proud of u! =)

  • Christine - love all of them but the super close up shot is my fav!!

  • Wendy Ellacott - It’s a “country grunge” with a gorgeous girl and it all works!! Love the shots, each and every one of them!

  • meghan - stunning photo’s such a wonderful job!

  • Troy - FIERCE as always…

  • nathan - Great setting, gorgeous girl, awesome photography. I’m impressed these photos have everything.

  • Alysha - First one is definitely my favourite. Beautiful pictures and Jenn you are stunning as always!

  • Marina - Wow! These are stunning pictures. Such a beautiful girl and incredible shots! Hope to see more sometime!

  • Jessi - What an awesome location…such gorgeous shots!

  • Karla - Beautiful photos and beautiful girl! Show us more!

  • Jeannie - I love how you’ve portrayed Jennifer! They’re all quite beautiful, especially those with the vivid backgrounds. And yes, my most favorite is also the second to the last…what a beautiful smile!

  • Lindsay - simply AMAZING, Michelle! Gorgeous model, gorgeous location, gorgeous light… you can do no wrong!

  • Katie Lou - Love #3! What a wonderful location.

  • Proud grandma - The second to last photo is beautiful.

  • Alexis - I love the second to last shot, it’s just gorgeous! What a fun location and your model is beautiful!

  • Julie Wagoner - I love these! Edgy and fun, but very beautiful as well!

  • suzie-Q - Wow … is that really little Jenn? Beautiful young lady, great shots!

  • anette - Wow, wheat a beautiful girl!!! Love her shoes:) The location and lighting is gorgeous too!!! You definitely prove that no lights are required to get beautiful pictures.

  • Shannon - What a fantastic location and a beautiful girl — what more could you want!

  • Rachel - These are wonderful. I love how you captured her personality.

  • Lynda Coulson - These are stunning, as is she!! You found some beautiful light! Nice work!

  • Cheryl Johnson - why do you need a ton of kit when you have a beautiful subject and an amazing talent – just stunning !!