It’s tough being 2…

I can’t believe my youngest little guy is now 2. Where does the time go, seriously. I thought I would have a baby forever and now I don’t. Just like that. Done. 🙁 Our little Monkey is a seriously fun little guy, he thinks he’s hilarious and makes us laugh all the time. These pictures were taken a few days after he turned two. He is sitting in the garage on his little electric go-cart and loving every minute. For those of you who are interested, garages make perfect places for portraits. I know, it seems strange but the light coming in that gigantic door is pretty perfect. If you are looking to take some great shots of your children put them in the garage with the door open and position them facing the door but just out of the sun that may be shining in (depending on which way your door is facing). Voila, a great shot even if the only thing you know about your camera is that you have to push the button to take the picture. It would be helpful to shut the flash off too though.






See, being 2 is a pretty tough job… playing all day makes a little guy pretty tired.



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  • Cheryl Johnson - cute pictures but just adore the sleeping shot

  • judy - It chokes me how sweet he is. I want to know him better…he is such a lovely guy

    But you know how I feel about all of you…lucky me!

    Great pictures as always Michelle…you’re gifted

  • Natasha Whiteley - he is such a cutie, I adore his eyes!
    happy birthday to your little man!